Make your Social Media Release S and M and R

What is a Social Media Release or SMR?

The traditional press release has reconfigured itself in the digital age. Still retaining the basics of a release such as purpose, content, and style, its Web counterpart only has added techie features, photos, videos, and RSS feeds to name a few. Launched in a new platform, the press release has been extended into another public relations tool, the social media release or SMR.

Since its birth in 2006, the SMR has placed itself along the traditional public relations tools. It has leveraged on the following components which make it of great value in reaching the target public and sustaining its interest.

  • Rich HTML text throughout the release useful for Web site SEO, indexing, cross-linking, etc.
  • The ability to link to or embed photography, audio and video
  • RSS feed capabilities within the SMR to create viral distribution
  • Keyword selection, tagging and moderated comments to enhance user experiences, while creating heightened engagement

Make your SMR S and M and R

SMRs hold great potentials as digital PR tools. If we only know how to craft our messages well and make them meet our target, then we will not only be generating interest on our products and services, we’ll be establishing and strengthening relationship with the public as well. With this in mind, I propose that we make our SMR S and M and R.

Simple and straight forward

Placing a PR tool in a social media (what we do exactly with SMR) is like staging a magic show in a street with a thousand of other circus performances. We compete for time and attention online. If we do not make our SMRs brief and direct to the point, people could easily close our tab and hop to other sites online.


We do not create pointless SMRs; we don’t waste space online. We make sure our SMRs are deliberately rooted to a message we want to convey to the public. And we make every effort to consistently reflect that message all throughout the written release.


One of the purposes of creating SMRs is to catch people’s attention and spark their interest. Given this, we must make our SMRs irresistible baits to the public. Raise what’s-in-it-for-them points in the release. Show the public that the product or service we offer is something that would highly benefit them.

Below is a sample SMR for Cafe Amadeo.

Social media release for Cafe Amadeo

  1. KC said:

    You nailed it with the S, M, R, Anne! 🙂 We should always remember that we are just borrowing the audience’s time, so make the best out of it. I believe the best SMRs (as from what I have learned myself from some ads as well) is that it should make itself remembered by the audience, not just because it is catchy, but because it is something they need. 🙂

  2. Patsy said:

    The best aspect of having an SMR is content summary. Everything you need is there and yet it’s short and simple. From videos to photos, these contents never fail to catch attention and create interest. I especially like the fact that you included a ‘share it’ space that allows readers to, well, share it. Social media is meant to be shared after all. You forgot to put a Facebook share/like button though. Twitter is familiar but the rest like Digg are not commonly used in Philippine social media unless you want to expand to international audience.

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