Businesses, humans, and vlogs

We can never really escape from who we are. Though technology and the social media have seemed to ooze into almost every vein of business practice, we still and always get back to the blood and the very essence of communication: its human side.

This is the reason why businesses nowadays are reconfiguring the way they look, behave, and talk online. They peel off their structured and taut side and start to feel and act as natural and as human as possible




Businesses are breathing humans.


A simple practice that manifests this effort from companies is the use of video logs or vlog. A vlog is an element of a blog which seeks to converse with the audience through a combination of images and sound. Vlogging is deemed by social media experts as a significant tool in bringing back the human element in the way businesses communicate with the public.


On Vlogging

In the article Video Blogging for Business by Gretchen Siegchrist, some video ideas for vlogging are proposed (which I am about to evaluate and critique).

  • Company updates: Video news releases or video messages from executives will keep the world informed about your company’s latest products, projects and achievements.

But be careful not to make your vlog as another advertising tool (for your product, your company, or your CEO) or worse, convert the vlog to a hey-it’s-I-and-my-company platform. The audience would not want that. Bring back the human element in business communication does not mean you’ll literally get a human—specifically as CEO—to talk in a vlog. Though the intention may be to make the consumers feel that the man or woman behind the business actually takes time to converse with them, overdoing such may defeat the purpose and lead to irritating people and raise up a community of CEO and brand haters.


  • Industry and world news: There’s no reason to limit the vlog to what’s happening within your company. Add videos on related topics that interest your customers, and you’ll keep drawing audiences to your business.

This is perhaps suggested as a video idea to break the its-all-about-me tendencies of companies. Rightly so, inclusion of stories about the industry where the organization belongs may give an impression of a business that operates beyond its walls and as part of a larger community. But pay importance to the second statement. Make sure the topics and news to be presented in the vlog are relevant and interesting to the public. A vain and irrelevant blog is but a waste of space and time online.


  • Instruction: Show customers how to use the products that you sell with handy how-to videos. You can create the videos in-house, contract them out to a video production company, or find online videos that can be embedded into your vlog.

This may be a good video suggestion as it attempts to inform and help the consumers in handling a product. Instructional vlogs serve a practical use to the public. In fact, this is something that product users would actually seek out online. If as a customer, you do not get help from that text-heavy manual (for the simple reason that you do not see a human hand operating a product and therefore cannot visualize how the process is done), an easier and more interesting option is to watch the company’s instructional vlog.



Aside from these vlog ideas, companies may also be interested in trying a vlog that 1) contains testimonials (but make them sound real and be real please), or 2) tips to ensure that the gadget the customer bought would last a lifetime, or perhaps 3) share the story of how your company develops an idea to a full-blown product or service (you could make this one effective through a storytelling approach).

Bottom line of this discussion, see to it that your business vlogs are C C C—content-based, creative, and conversational. If you do this, your vlogs will not only be something that you’ll enjoy doing, it will also be creations that your audience will enjoy watching.


  1. This certainly is interesting – these vlogs – though I can’t seem to think of an occasion where I came across one. I think that, should this trend catch up to the mainstream business practices, it would give a bigger boost to customer satisfaction that companies can only hope to achieve with their traditional advertising efforts. This is if vlogs are used right – if not sparingly.

    I think with the general intent of many companies in the Philippines today to push more information about themselves towards the customers, information fatigue may come quicker. Though I think vlogs would be a good idea, perhaps taking it slowly here in the Philippines (since we’re only just getting used to companies in SNS) would be a better choice. 🙂

  2. Justine said:

    I think vlogs can be used in lieu of traditional blogs when you can’t express something in words and pictures. I think people would be more interested in watching a less than 10 minute vlog rather than reading a blog with more than a thousand words with a boring layout and generic pictures.

    And so, I made my own crappy vlog! I think out of all our batchmates, I am the only one who actually made a vlog. Anyway it was a fun experiment, something that I would like try again. Maybe you should try it too. 🙂

  3. It’s most especially hard handling vlog than blog. Why? Because people will remeber words or things that have really made an impact to them. They might ignore something else which might be the essence of your vlog. They will not bother to wind back the video, trust me. It’s quite troublesome since people interpret messages depending on their perceptions, they might not remember verbatim what you said in the vlog unlike blogs where they could browse the paragraphs again, sometimes they remember which portion of the screen those words are placed and they can memorize it on that instant. If it already had a negative impression on them, they might totally stop watching the vlog and spread bad words about it instead.

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