Finalists get a dose of tough love at Unilab’s Ideas Positive

2 October 2010–MANILA–If a contagious passion to make a difference in their communities is what the top finalists of Unilab’s Ideas Positive shared with the judges, the panel of critics gave them a dose of tough love and lessons in return.

Ideas Positive: The Unilab Youth Camp for Change gathered students from different universities to take part in a three-day idea generation camp and competition, September 23-25, which produced the finest social marketing initiatives for selected communities.

Unilab asks the youth "Are you Contagious?"

Five teams competed in the finals with their sustainable proposals with the goal of advancing health and wellness in a chosen barangay or district.

  • The PET Society: “Adopt-a-PET” University of the Philippines
  • SERVE: “Ugnayan ng Nagkakaisang Inisyatibo, Layunin, at Adbokasiyang Pangkalususgan Barangay Sta Mecedes, Maragondon, Cavite” De La Salle University
  • UB and G: “May Papel Ako” University of the Philippines
  • Team BIGGKAS: “Buklod Bukid, Sowing Nutrition Reaping Hope” University of Asia and the Pacific
  • CLPH: “Mamamayang Ayaw sa Dengue” University of Sto Tomas

The panel consisted of the best people from the fields of health, social marketing and entrepreneurship.

  • Dr Oscar Tinio, President of the Philippine Medical Association
  • Dr Nina Gloriani, Dean of UP Manila College of Public Health
  • Dr Ed Morato, President of ABS- CBN Bayan Foundation
  • Mr Mark Ruiz of Hapinoy and Rags to Riches
  • Mr Randy Aquino, Country Head of Ogilvy & Mather
  • Mr Bert Manlapit, Unilab’s Corporate Affairs Director

With the panel’s intense questions and comments during the proposal defense, the finalists said Unilab’s Ideas Positive stage is more dreadful than American Idols’; there seems to be more than one Simon Cowell. Another finalist compared the 30-minute defense to a whole semester, but added that it is one whole semester of learning.

Finalist defends proposal up on the dreaded Unilab stage

The judges, on the other hand, said their job as critics is an expression of love, and according to Mr Morato, tough love. They posed questions and scrutinized the plans because they want to know the extent to which the finalists could defend the project they envision for their communities. Mr Manlapit, the chair of the panel, even stated how they were impressed after realizing how much hard work went behind the research and the writing of the finalists’ proposals.

Mr Ed Morato gives the finalists a dose of tough love

At the end of the competition, University of Asia and the Pacific’s Team BIGGKAS: “Buklod Bukid, Sowing Nutrition Reaping Hope” bagged first place and received P100,000 seed money for the implementation of their social marketing plan. It is a farm-in-the-city project which seeks to grow vegetables using a hydroponics set up, address the problem of malnutrition and add income to the community.

Team Biggkas tops Ideas Positive with “Buklod Bukid: Sowing Nutrition, Reaping Hope”

If this could be the result of tough love—the finest, most innovative and sustainable social marketing initiatives—then a dose of it is prescribed three times a day.

This is tough love put in words

The panel of judges shares a dose of wisdom and tough love with the finalists and the audience at Unilab’s Ideas Positive.

Have firmness, consistency, and unity of purpose in every undertaking.”

Dr Oscar Tinio

Assurance of sustainability is what we are looking for in your social marketing plans.”

Dr Nina Gloriani

Always start with the result in mind to be sure you are clear about the goal. The work backwards to get there.”

Dr Ed Morato

What we need is a rigorous plan of a sustainable community campaign.”

Mr Mark Ruiz

We guide you to succeed to help communities in need.”

Mr Randy Aquino


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