Because of one child

“People ask, “Why do you work so hard for your students?” There are so many things I could say but the answer must be – because of one child. I swim through seas of papers with colored pens as paddles – seeking to improve without dispiriting, to point a better way without losing their enthusiasm. 

Because of one child I seek my own reserves and provide opportunities which would otherwise be lost.

Because of one child I will spend my time generously – as if I had a lifetime of such days. I will see the whole of the world from a small hill and will believe against convention in “impossible” results.

At the end of the teaching day I leave the classroom but I am still and shall ever be, a teacher. Time ago I was that child for whom such commitment made a difference. I will dedicate my days confident my efforts matter… because of one child.”

-Mary Anne Radmacher (2001)


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